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Sand museum

Sand museum

This is the open air museum exhibit Japan’s only “sand” made material work.

日本で唯一「砂」の作品を展示する美術館! 砂を素材に、さまざまなテーマに沿った彫刻作品を展示

Sand art museum

Delicate "sand" creating superb story

Sand art museum was opened in November 2006, and open-air museum with the various sand material sculptures are displayed .

Because the sculptures are made of sand, they are delicate and eventually easily collapse. Mr. Katsuhiko Chaen, was born in Satsuma city, Kagoshima and is nationally and internationally active as a sand sculpture producer, produced these statues. Mr. Katsuhiko Chaen is attractive enough to be chosen as "top 100 Japanese people to be respected in the world."

  • Date
  • Open
  • Admission
    General 500yen
    High school student and under 300yen
  • Contact
    Sand baru Tottori Sakyu Information center
    2083-17 Fukube cho Yuyama Tottori, Tottori
    PHONE: (0857)20-2231
    FAX: (0857)20-2232


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