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Yodoe dream Spa

Yodoe dream Spa

Tottori, Yonago-Shi yodoe-Cho, Fukuoka 1547 - 56 - 0859-6801

100% free flowing hot spring! A day-trip hot spring facility that makes use of the source of satoyama


A 100% free-flowing day-trip hot spring facility that makes use of the source flowing in the satoyama!
You can enjoy the large public bath, open-air bath and sauna at once.
The fresh source that springs up is effective for relieving fatigue, relieving stress, chronic digestive disorders, gout, neuralgia, etc.
Because it is an alkaline simple spring, people with weak skin, atopic dermatitis, and elderly people can enter with peace of mind.

There is also a restaurant "Yumetei" and a relaxation room on site, so you can enjoy a relaxing time after taking a bath.

You can also take home hot spring water at the water storage area in front of the Acornkan.
This hot spring water has a reputation for "softening astringency and mellowing the taste", and is also used for cooking and drinking at local homes and restaurants.
If you enjoy the hot spring here in Yodoe, it is also recommended to bring the hot spring water home as a souvenir.


Women only! "ShilQueen Hot Bath" is very popular♪

You can feel the soft touch like silk in the very fine bubble bath called "Ultrafine Foam Silk Queen" for the first time in western Japan.
It is washed off to the depths of small pores, and after bathing, the skin is smooth, full of luster and moisture♪
In addition, you can expect a massage effect on your skin, promoting blood circulation and warming your body from the core.
If you are a woman who is particular about "hot water with beautiful skin", please try this "Sil Queen hot bath"!

location 1547 Fukuoka, Yodoe-cho, Yonago City, Tottori Prefecture
telephone 0859-56-6801
holiday 4th Wednesday
business hours 10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. (Reception: 8:30 p.m.)*changed from January 2, Reiwa 4

Adult 600 yen Junior high and high school student 430 yen 3 years old to elementary school student 320 yen Under 3 years old free

12 sheets 6,000 yen 6 sheets spelled 3,300 yen

parking lot And
access Approximately 30 minutes' drive from JR Yonago Station
Approximately 5 minutes' drive or 15 minutes on foot from JR Yodoe Station
10 minutes by car from Yonago IC on Yonago Expressway (via San'in Expressway)
35 minutes' drive from Yonago Kitaro Airport
HP Hakuho-no-Sato Yodoe Yume Onsen


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