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Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine

Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine

It is Japan's largest Silver Mine was at its peak during the early Edo period from the late Warring States period.
Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine was added to the official World Heritage Site in 2007

かつて日本最大の銀山として 栄華を極めた「石見銀山」!

lver Mine had produced 30 percent of the silver from the late Warring States period to early Edo period

Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine

Iwami Ginzan was added to UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2007.
In Japan, the 14th, as an industrial heritage is Asia's first World Heritage Site.

At Iwami Ginzan, historic buildings and ruins still remains and has been designated as cultural assets. Iwami Ginzan has a variety of attractions. We recommend you to check where you would like to see before visiting.

Attractions (4hours to one day)
Iwami silver mine museum Important cultural properties Kumagai residence Old Samurai residence, Kawashima clan
Gori Hakkan Ji Ryugenjimabu Shimizudani Seirensho Ato
Tomogaura Kotogahama Hanaguri Iwa Shoya yashiki Namako Wall
Tatsuno gozen Shrine Yuno tsu Onsen Okubo Iwamimori Hakadokoro
Shinsetsu Kanpo    

Iwami Ginzan Omori district is narrow roads and also a local residency area. Sightseeing will be by walking only. Please visit with comfortable dress and shoes.

  • Address
    Omori cho Oda, Shimane
  • Contact
    Iwami Silver Mine World Histrical Heritage Center
    TEL 0854-89-0183
    FAX 0854-89-0089
  • Access
    Chugoku express way - Chiyoda JCT
    Hamada express way - Oasa IC
    Route 261-State route 40
    Route 31 - Iwami silver mountain


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