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Izumo Shrine

Izumo Shrine

This is one of the largest power spot famous for marriage in Japan

"God of marriage" as a famous Japan's leading power spot!

Izumo Shrine

Izumo Shrine is located Izumo city, Shimane Prefecture.

Izumo Shrine

Izumo Shrine, enshrined Okuninushi, is know as the god of marriage.

Approximately 27 000 square meters wide precincts, there are many sacred building are lined around the main hall of treasures.
The current main building was originated in 1744. The architecture is also the oldest Shinto shrines style in Japan.


October is called God presence month in Izumo, (all other area calls God absence month), eight million nationwide Gods are gathered and have conference. Therefore, many tourists visit Izumo Shrine to get their power in November.

At Izumo Shrine, pray scheme is "2 bows--4 clap hands -- 1 bow".
As well as good relationship in love, you can pray good relationship in business. Please visit once in your life time.

  • Address
    195 Taisha cho Kizuki Higashi Izumo, Shimane
  • Pray hour
  • Contact
  • Access
    30 min by car from Sanin express way Hikawa IC
    10 min by walk from Ichibata train Izumo Taisha station
    Izumo Taisha bus stop. Take Izumo Taisha line from JR Izumo Station


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