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Misasa Onsen

Misasa Onsen

The hot springs contain lots of Radon. The historic Japanese inn and voice of frogs welcome you.

世界屈指のラドン、ラジウム含有量を誇り 古くから湯治場として名を馳せる温泉街

Misasa Onsen

Radium content is the world's best. A quiet spa town known for remedy water.

remedy water

Hearing the river murmuring springs, Misasa Onsen is good for bathing, drinking, sucking hot springs. It is the water of remedy.

This famous spa town was visited by great writers from old times and left the nostalgia atmosphere.
You can relax body in a hot bath and retro feels as if you are time warp to Showa era.

There are also foot spas in the town. You can interact with locals here. This is good place for long vacation as well.

Misasa Onsen famous open-air bath. Kawara Bath.

Open-air bath is next to Mitoku river and open for public.
Although it is open view from the bridge, lots of locals and tourists come for the spa at night. The foot bath is set next to the open-air bath. Please enjoy foot bath watching Santoku river clear stream while your friends are enjoying open-air bath.

Misasa Onsen


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