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Itaibara settlement

Itaibara settlement

Mountain village located in Chizu cho Yazu gun, Tottori

古代から残る街道、江戸時代の地割…… 日本の原風景を今に伝える貴重な文化遺産の街


Leave the form of good old Japanese, Itaibara settlement.

Itaibara settlement is located about 430 meters above sea level in Chizu cho Yazu gun, Tottori prefecture remains the Edo period allocation. This area has been attracting attention recently as a cultural heritage and became a traditional conservation district.

When it was once a flourishing sericulture, there were many houses with many warehouses, however, due to the opening of the tunnel, depopulation has progressed rapidly since 1967.
Therefore, many buildings still remain from the old, it is called "The primary scene of Japan's mountain villages" and is just started working to preserve the old houses.
At somewhat nostalgic landscape left intact Itaibara settlement, the renovated 100 years old house are open as cafe and restaurant which open on Sunday only.
Many tourists now visit and become point of interest in Tottori.

  • address
    Ichinose Itaibara Chizu cho, Tottori
  • Access
    10 min. from Chizu Station


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