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Children's Cultural Center, Yonago

Children's Cultural Center, Yonago

Yonago, Tottori Prefecture, 133 West Town (Minatoyama Park) 0859-34-5455

Hiraji even on rainy days
Let's play with the head with the body


Yonago city children's Center's public facilities you can enjoy exchanges across generations.

Become the holiday and will also go around minatoyama Park, the oasis of the Yonago city, crowded with so many families.
Enjoy the fun book along with children's library, multi-purpose hall in gymnastics and playing tag, foyer and freely practice crafts and some putting puzzles nonogram, 10. Club activities such as choral and handbell, pottery, bird watching and can participate in from 0 to a wealth of events and various activities "toys for adults"in Japan and Japanese children's song"wooden"clubs. Eye Center staff is conscientious, can amuse children with confidence.
Such wildly popular's Planetarium to explore the world. Constellations and mythology photograph decorating the night sky each season, sometimes in heroic and full of sorrow: the story. Experience the mystery of the workings of the universe never ends, you surely be strangers in the universe... maybe?
Adult student and his/her guardian(s)) free * over 70 is also free up to early childhood elementary and middle school students 50 yen, 300 yen. (Should you find older ones )

Loan book in the children's Museum of picture anyone one of ten books and me easy booking.
Feel free to let with the introduction of new books and recommended books that.

Located just behind the Center "Minato Mt. play park", establish "free to play my responsibilities" in rules and play various children herself to go around minatoyama park nature motto as open day every Sunday.
Play popular outside of elementary school children mainly and spot.

Location of Tottori Prefecture Yonago-Shi Nishi-machi 133 in a go around minatoyama Park
Phone 0859-34-5455
Holidays Every day after end of Monday holidays and new year 12/29-1/3
Hours of operation 9:00-17:00
Parking 30 Units
Access JR Yonago station, 5 minutes by car
HP Yonago city children's Center


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