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2-59 Bakuromachi Yonago, Tottori 0859-34-4018

Prestigious and traditional flavored, family who had been protected Yonago castle lies at rest in this cemetery.


Obakushu Ryoshunji is located on the left side go up on the hill just off the JR Bakuromachi station.
It is famous as a popular Buddhist bodhisattvas Temple for Arao family who continued to protect the castle for generations.
Back of the temple, 10 gravestones of the Arao family and votive candle of retainers and the atmosphere preserves their dignity.

The mossy gravestone reminiscent prestige of castellan.
Altough relatively unknown, as opposed to the antique-tombstone, there are new tombstone.The gravestone is for Sugako who was an eldest daughter of Tametsugi Reizen, a calligrapher prestigious poetry, and married with Yukishige Arao, the 16th head of Arao family.

We would like to introduce the emotional poems they read when they visited Yonago castle together.

「ゆめかとも思う許りに故郷の 天守のあとに交わす盃」 之茂
「天主台のほりてみれはきりはれて なみちはるかに隠岐のしまみゆ」 須賀子

Location 2-59 Bakuromachi Yonago, Tottori
Phone 0859-34-4018
Access 3min. By walking from JR Sakaiminato Line Bakuromachi St.


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