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38 Atago cho Yonago, Tottori 0859-22-4217

Tied to three generations of castellan.
A unique legendary anecdote of rat extermination.


This Soto temple had a strong relationship with castellan, Kazutada Nakamura and Mitsumasa Ikeda, therefore, it involved in great development and history of Yonago.
Current building was rebuilt in 1842. The pine trees approach to the entrance gate still retain some remnants of old days.
It's a little known fact that there is a grave of Jinkichi Ooya known as one of the active shipping companies in Yonago during early Edo era .

Also, in this Sosenji, remains unique episodes depicting about Osho (priest) fought against the boss rat which had been reside in the temple.
Rats tried to squat on their haunches and Osho tried to kick them out from the temple.
Details of such a comical folk tale, please click below.

Sosenji folk tale of rats hunt

Location 38 Atagocho Yonago, Tottori
Phone 0859-22-4217
Parking Yes
Access 3min. By car from JR Yonago Station


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