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Wakasa Railways

Wakasa Railways

The opening of the Wakasa railway in 1930, manual turntable and water tower such early Showa Station remains.

子供から大人まで、鉄道ファン必見! 昭和初期の駅舎、SLの運転設備を見学


If you like train, visit Wakasa Station in Wakasa Railways once.
Manual turntable still remains in this station.
The turntables have been well maintained and keep running.

This equipment was elected by the national registered tangible cultural property in 2008.
This has become a hot place among the tourist attractions in Tottori.

You are able to buy a ticket into the entrance of the train.
You can also observe a cab interior, adults rail fans and children are visiting.
In summer, sometimes the resurrection of SLIs operated.



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