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Minatoyama Park

Minatoyama Park

Nishimachi Yonago, Tottori 0859-37-2311(Yonago tourism association)

City Park overlooking the sea
Perfect sunset spot stain Mediterranean evening

Public Park along the seashore is known for the magnificent cherry trees.
Beautiful sun setting over Nakaumi makes you speechless.

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In the past, Nakaumi was called ‘Kinkai’ and park was also called ‘Kinkoen’.

In recent years, it has been maintenances as new city park and Japanese garden, Cherry blossom trees, observation deck, and multipurpose square were constructed.
Temple closely related former Yonago castellan still remains and it continues to be popular as a place of public recreation.

In April, 450 cherry trees bloom “Sakura Festival”, in August “ Gaina Festival” and “Toro nagashi festival”, in October, Japanese garden open house and tea party “Big public tea praty” are held every year.

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30 minutes before sunset
Charming drama set in Nakaumi

Seaside along Nakaumi has been developed and you can enjoy walking while feeling the breeze. In the evening, you can see the beautiful sunset over Nakaumi by the seashore.

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Use as you like
Public recreational oasis

Even though park is located in the urban area, wide nature is spreading over park. A number of locals are visiting the park enjoying cherry blossoms, walking, jogging, and hanging out with friends. They are spending their own private time.

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Of them, cherry season in spring is festive
Must participate in Cherry Blossom Festival in spring!

The park is very famous area of about 450 Cherry trees fully blooms in spring. Row of cherry blossom trees is continuing along walkways and about 140 paper lanterns illuminate cherry trees in the evening. Big spring cherry festival are held every year.

Location Nishi-cho, Yonago
Phone 0859-37-2311
Parking 100
Access 5 minutes by car from JR Yonago Station
20 minutes walk from JR Yonago Station


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