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Wada misaki Shrine

Wada misaki Shrine

2079 Oshinozu Yonago, Tottori

Shrine Temple of "失se物" in "stolen degenerate except" Bill and also

What are you looking for? Cutie fox will welcome you.

Wada misaki Shrine

Wadamisaki Shrine is unique building shrine. It has 2 Sando, the road approaching Shinto shrine, and Torii and Fox statues are standing along. All those statues welcome your visit.

In the same site, there is the former shrine called ‘Motomiya san’ with a big tree with lush forests around. It is designated as natural monument of Yonago.


Here is an old pond with fresh water spring, and water is sprung into the sea and river. The river water flowing Holy water, and there is a scary tradition that if someone with dirty-minded drink this water will get curses soon.

There is a reputation that prayers who have lost something get answered.

Location 2079 Oshinozu cho Yonago, Tottori
Phone 0859-28-8046
Parking Yes
Access 20 min.by car from JR Yonago Station



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